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Agnus Jackson
Hailing from the heart of the midwest, comes one of today's original rock acts  Agnus Jackson. Originally formed by Mike Armato and Prezell Davis then known as Ground Control. Without a true full time bassist, Armato and Davis began the search. It was in 1999 the search was over. Larry Hill joined the duo and Agnus Jackson was formed. In early 2000, the band was ready to be unleashed on the Midwest music scene, with Hill becoming not only the full time bassist, but also the post of lead vocals.

The group has been recognized by various media sources, having a single placed in a television commercial and receiving airplay on regional rock radio stations. In 2004, the group was nominated for their first R.A.M.I. Award, after releasing their debut CD Mesmerized and followed by a regional tour.
Their first radio single from the album Dismissed broke the airwaves on regional midwest rock radio stations.
The group features Larry “Elwood” Hill on lead vocals and bass, James Scott on guitar, and Loren Swiggum on drums and percussion. Agnus Jackson has already opened, and taken the stage with many veteran rockers such as: Uncle Kracker, WarrantGreat White, Joan Jett, .38 Special, Head East, Jimmy Van Zant, Lonnie Brooks, April Wine, and many others. Thier live shows are incredible to say the least, and have been known to upstage larger acts in which they have opened for.

In 2010, the group returned to the studio to record their second full length album release One Night Stand on DSN Music. The new project featured the radio single Fast Nights as well as 10 other diverse rock tracks. In 2012, DSN Music announced it would features Agnus Jackson's radio hit Dismissed on the label's rock compilation album Soundtrack to the End Times.

  "Fast Nights"
  From the CD One Night Stand/2010 (DSN Music)

  From the CD Mesmerized/2004
 "Makes You Wanna Sing"
  From the CD Mesmerized/2004

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