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Beyond Perception
Hailing from Athens Greece comes one of Europe's heaviest rock sensations, with the rise of Beyond Perception.

Beyond Perception was initially formed in the summer of 2004 as a Progressive/Rock group by Kostas Kalavrezos (Guitar), Panos Kalavrezos (Bass), Tolis Toleas (Drums) and Paris Poukamisas (vocals, guitar).
The course of the
group altered after a while due to the emerging Metal/Rock influences of its members, thus changing drastically their idiosyncrasy and musical compositions. Having created the musical material that expressed them, Beyond Perception recorded and released their first self titled album, which received a positive response from European audiences. The group continued touring in Western Europe, while their music evolved with heavier and more aggressive tones.
Two years later lead throat Paris
Poukamisas departed from the group due to musical differences, and Beyond Perception came across Panos Karnaris (former singer of W.F.D.D) whose unconventional character and taste upgraded them to a higher musical level.

The group returned to the studio and recorded their next project with a new singer, finally completing the first full album The Final Descend in 2008. The reformed group and sound satisfied hard-core fans in Greece as well as the UK, setting Beyond Perception up as one of the hottest emerging rock acts in Europe.

Hard rock and Metal critics across the globe took notice of the growing act:

'Music that could easily be coming from Georgia (USA)...'' ''...great song-writing''
(Metal Hammer)

"With metallic aggression tempered by bluesy riffs and moody spoken  word segments...'' ''...the spirit of sludgy southern rock...'' (Kerrang)

''The heavy and choppy guitar riffs give the album a heavy groove...'' ''...a very aggressive, noisy and distorted album.'' (The Metal Observer)

''Imagine Kyuss jamming with SOD and you're on the money...'' ''...The songs are straightforward but they're carried off with a penchant  for a hook that'll stay with you like a twelve-pint hangover...'' ''...a vocalist that sounds as though he eats babies for breakfast...''

''Sludge fans, aggressive Stoner lovers...this album is exactly what  the doctor's ordered!'' ''...The Final Descend is certainly a worthy addition  to such people's record collections!''
(Concrete Web)

''Their rumbling metal would be more at home in the American South than  anywhere in Europe...'' ''...huge grooves, kick-ass riffs from rocking your face off...''
(Rock Midgets)

''Beyond Perception, a Greek Stoner Metal act with enough heaviness to  turn your testicles to dust!...'' ''...riffing that gets stuck in your head... a singer with great vocal  abilities...''

"Beyond Perception one of the greek bands that I really enjoy  hearring...'' ''...Sludgy, Stoner riffs that get to you and make you want to rock your  head off!'' ''...powerfull album, heavy sound just like it should be.''

Following the success of their first full release and a growing fanbase, Beyond Perception once again returned to the studio to record the 2010 project Blood & Whiskey. The new album was distributed worldwide via DSN Music, opening up a global platform for these emerging metal gods.


  From the CD Blood & Whiskey/DSN Music  2010

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