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Keldamuzik is what the entertainment industry has been waiting for. She is bringing a dynamic look and sound to a game that has been watered-down as of late. She is a vibrant Hip Hop artist whose talent will not be denied. Aside from obvious reasons K Muzik plans to set herself apart from the run-of-the-mill acts that come and go. Her lyrical ability puts her on a plateau most established artists only wish for or try to purchase. A native of San Jose California, Kelda was in the spotlight at an early age. At 12 years old Kelda won a talent show held in Sacramento's Arco arena. She then knew she had a place in entertainment. From there Kelda began an on-again off-again modeling venture which landed her in a series of online fashion magazines and advertisements. Although she received her first big break through modeling she wasn't comfortable doing it anymore, so after brief stints with a few talent agencies, Kelda started doing her own thing.

At 18 she began recording her first LP entitled Rain, under the name Kelda. Unfortunately creative difference between her producer and the label caused a halt on the project and it was never released. Kelda knew she was good at rapping and she would write lyrics and poetry throughout high school. After high school graduation Kelda moved to Oakland to attend school at the University of San Francisco and to officially pursue her career as a Hip Hop artist. In January of 2005 Keldamuzik signed a production deal with Squad Music Group and started recording her first album entitled Shut Up. Listen. that was released in summer 2005.

In summer of 2006 Keldamuzik started her own imprint, Golddigga Entertainment and began recording her second album entitled Diva, set for release in 2007. Aside from shooting a video for her single Mr. Right, doing countless live performances the past two years, Keldamuzik created and hosts her own reality TV series called Diva TV in promotion for her upcoming album.

Diva TV airs on over 25 public access stations across the San Francisco Bay Area, and receives 40,000 viewers weekly. Diva TV is also in negotiations with Colours TV which broadcasts on the Dish Network. The program showcases Keldamuzik, her weekly exploits, examines Bay Area Hip Hop culture and features interviews with business people of the community, along with celebrities such as T.I., Diddy, Young Jeezy, Keenan Thompson, DJ Kid Capri, Biz Markie, Ice T and many more. Simply put, Keldamuzik is taste a the future of Hip Hop.

Keldamuzik continues to grows in her role as musician and media personality, in today's ever changing hip-hop industry. Her online antics continue to attract new fans via her popular MySpace site, as well as online downloads of her cutting edge music. DSN Music is proud to present hip-hop's new queen...  Keldamuzik!

From the CD Diva/Golddigga Entertainment/2007
 "Give You A Key"
From the CD Diva/Golddigga Entertainment/2007

 "The Juice"
From the CD Diva/Golddigga Entertainment/2007

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