Omen the legendary heavy metal innovators who have rocked the world with their explosive sound. Formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1983, by lead guitarist Kenny Powell; previously with the rock group Savage Grace and signed on with Metal Blade Records in 1984, and released their debut album "Battle Cry". In 1985 the second album "Warning Of Danger" followed, building up Omen's reputation as one of the forefathers of power metal acts. FULL STORY 

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Rockers Speak Out About War in the Mid-East
Los Angeles -- It appears another major conflict may be brewing in the Middle East, as Israel clearly warns the world that Iran is months away from developing nuclear weapons. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has made no bones about his intentions to strike before being struck upon by the Iranian regime, which many political analysts say could lead to a World War. If Israel were to carry out an attack on Iran, most likely the U.S. would be drawn into the battle, with Russia and even China siding with Iran. This situation is actually closer to reality than most Americans are fully aware of, and who are already weary from years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq.  FULL STORY
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