Louisiana Sinkhole
Possible Catastrophe in Gulf… and Higher Fuel Costs Can be Expected
Electra Jung
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Thursday 10/25/2012 13:30:15 (PT)  Print

PHOENIX -- Has it been almost 3 months since the initial report? “August 3, 2012 the Louisiana sinkhole was first reported in Bayou Corne, Assumption Parish, LA… this came after weeks and weeks of locals reporting ongoing tremors and constant bubbling of their bayous.” There are low levels of radiation being emitted as 100 foot cypress trees are being swallowed up and methane gas bubbles spread further into the swamps.

Local reporters revealed that a salt-dome cavern, owned by the Texas Brine Company, has been breached/ has collapsed and continues to grow daily. The gas bubbles continue as the sinkhole grows larger. The major concern is the close proximity of the collapsed sinkhole to another salt dome cavern holding 1.5 million barrels of liquid butane stored for who knows how long and who ever knew it was there?

How can all this happen and no one even knows what’s going on? What else is buried/stored in the ground unknown to the people living for years in their home environment?

And just who is Texas Brine LLC?

Texas Brine LLC is a company founded in 1926 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. It operates distribution locations in Texas, Louisiana, and New York. Texas Brine Company LLC operates as a subsidiary of Bayer AG. We are talking very powerful and longstanding corporate entities. As usual they most likely are accustomed to operating under their own leadership and following their own initiative for private and corporate gains.

The interesting feature here is the worldwide interests held by Bayer AG according to Corporate Watch: “Bayer AG is a massive German based chemicals and pharmaceuticals manufacturer. It has operations in most countries worldwide and had global sales for 2000 of nearly $30 billion.” This brings into view the condition of the locals of Bayou Corne, LA …where is the Justice, their Human Rights Advocacy and the sense of fairness and real journalism from the media to represent these people??

According to local news “The Bayou Corne area is now under mandatory evacuation and the governor has declared a state of emergency. Many residents have elected to remain and those evacuated have not been allowed to return to their homes.”

You can live there and not ever know what’s going on- in fact, you can live anywhere and not know whats going on right in your own neighborhood. In order to understand the importance of this situation to everyone is to first understand  the extreme nature of un-reported hazardous situations… and to realize it is up to the public, the people and each individual to research and connect and inform ourselves.

So far it is only local news, sporadic and vague which gives direction…all the while the country’s mainstream media has been silent. Residents are outraged at the lack of interest in reporting this current disaster as the rest of the nation will be affected should the sinkhole reach the liquid butane cavern only 1500 feet away. The focus has been on re-locating the liquid butane further away from the radio-active sinkhole. No idea where the radioactive material came from or who authorized the storage at that cavern…any others filled with such material? These questions remain to be answered in the coming days.

On the surface it looks like another “land-grab” through the extreme danger of the situation. Remember the Katrina Hurricane 2005 when residents lost their homes, never to return?
Another area polluted and radioactive as the real story remains mystery.  Unexplained covert activities continue under the on-going silence of national media. “Assumption Parish Sheriff Mike Waguespack said a breach of that well could be "catastrophic.”

Residents are frightened and concerned because there has been no real explanation or solution. The local oil and gas truckers and employees have a greater understanding of the far-reaching effects of this explosive situation.

One trucker reported that miles and miles of underground pipeline run through the state. This connects the impending explosion everywhere. Fuel pipelines are networked from Houston, TX, Baton Rouge and Lake Charles 5 or 6 feet deep. If the sinkhole blows then all pipelines are affected and fuel production would be cut off.

Fuel costs would spike, evacuations will continue and the on-going chemical and petrol pollution would contaminate an even greater land mass and underground water supply. Stay tuned as future additional information continues to be revealed.

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