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 World Beneath World
World Beneath World southern heavy metal innovators hailing from Dallas Texas, featuring John Bone on vocals, Razz Callahan on guitar, Ricky Lee on bass, and Ken Poland on drums.
Twenty-plus years of playing music together have forged a bond stronger than steel between the members of World Beneath World. In that time they've shared the stage with everyone from Danzig, Manowar, and Foghat, to metal legends Exhorder, Rigor Mortis, and the new kings of doom such as Haarp. John Bone did an original stint with Damageplan in the early days of their development on vocals.

Coming off of the success of 2010's debut EP, the group headed to New Orleans to serve as main support for thrash/groove metal pioneers Exhorder, which in turn led to World Beneath
World's inclusion on Exhorder's 2011 Death and Taxes Tour along with Rigor Mortis.

In 2011, World Beneath World signed an exclusive worldwide distribution deal with DSN Music, bringing the southern metal group into the digital age with the release of Nein.
"We wrote the baddest tunes we could, we used the baddest producer on the planet, the baddest mastering available, so it only made sense that we'd want the baddest label on the planet and we've found that with DSN" said lead throat John Bone.

The nine track release Nein was produced and engineered by rock industry veteran Sterling Winfield, who oversaw projects for acts such as Pantera, Mudvayne, Damageplan, Hellyeah and BB King. "Nein" builds upon the sonic architecture of it's predecessor and makes good on last year's promise to "take it to the next level" said Bone.

Nein immediately cracked the airwaves of rock radio stations across the U.S. with early spins on the single The New American Way on stations such as KNAC/Los Angeles, KEGL/Dallas, KZRR/Albuquerque, KLAQ/El Paso, KFRR/Fresno, KTUX/Shreveport, KDKT/Bismarck, ND and KCVI/Pocatello, ID.


 "The New American Way"
From the CD Nein/DSN 2011

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